Adults Only
Eureka is strictly an over 18’s venue
We enforce a strict over 18′s policy, our staff are trained to ask for ID when you join as either a Silver or Gold Member, so don’t be offended when we ask you for ID you lucky so and so!

No Photography
Video or Photography is not permitted
We respect the privacy of all of our guests, as such we don’t publish our members names or other information and we’d appreciate it if you did not use video or still photography equipment. Afterall, no one wants to find themselves on YouTube tomorrow!

No Mobile Phones
Mobile Phones, PDA’s and iPod/iPad’s are not allowed during our social events
The use of mobile phones and similar items is not permitted inside, especially since modern devices have camera’s and social media capabilities. We all have loved one’s and by stepping outside or popping back to your vehicle you can check on your family and loved ones no problem!

No Drugs
Zero tolerance drugs policy
Eureka operate a zero tolerance policy on all controlled substances. Eureka reserve the right to refuse entry or request the immediate departure of anyone suspected of the use or supply of illegal substances.

Show respect to staff and other guests
We are proud to say we have a very respectful and courteous member base and as such we are confident you will find everyone welcoming and friendly, please treat others how you wish to be treated.

No Glassware
Bring your own Barsteward!
Eureka is non-licensed premises, as such we do not sell alcohol but we do welcome you to ‘bring your own bartender!’ We’ll provide plastic glasses and unlimited ice but we can’t allow glasswear on our premises for safety reasons.

Relax and have fun!
Meet fun like minded people !
We know you’ll love it! Relax in our company and meet like minded individuals. Enjoy the dancefloor and in the summer the pool area and pamper yourselves in our mixed spa, sauna and jaccuzi’s ! Get lost in the Eureka euphoria and have a day and night to remember!

Become Gold Members
Save money on every visit by joining Eureka
Once you’ve visited Eureka you’ll be back! Becoming a Gold Member ensures you have priority table bookings and best of all you’ll save money on each and every visit!

Lose inhibitions
Eureka is a clothing optional club

Eureka is a place to relax and lose your inhibitions, as such most of our guests wear very little! But you wear what you feel comfortable in! Smart casual or naked is typically what you’ll find here!