Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked many questions so here are a few to help you


What should we wear ?

Check out the dress code page for more information.

When are your parties ?

All our parties start at 8pm and we hold one on every Wednesday until 12pm, Friday until 1am and Saturday until 3am. We also hold other parties and special events, so for the latest information check our events calendar.

Do I need to book ahead ?

You don't need to book ahead but if you require a seat on a Saturday party you are advised to ring up on Saturday morning after 11am to book a table.

How much is it to get in ?

Please check out our prices page.

Will I be able to park and is there a charge ?

We have plenty of parking at Eureka with no charge and on a Saturday when it is very busy we have staff to show you where to park.

What do I need to get in ?

ID will be required for all first time visitors in order to become members of Eureka.

Will I have to give my name and address ?

When you join as a silver or gold member you will need to have ID and we will record your address. This is only for our internal records and will not be passed on to any other organisation.

Can I stay over ?

We have a limited number of cabins for overnight stays, please call us on 01474 704418

Do we have to do anything ?

You can do as little or as much as you choose. In general you will get out as much as you put into your visit.

I am nervous, its my first time at a club

Not a problem, let us and know and you will be shown around and if you want you can be introduced to some regulars.

How do I meet people ?

Easy, be polite, courteous and understand that some people are there to people watch and not interact with other members. Remember politeness wins the day !

Do you sell alcohol ?

YES. We have a fully licenced Bar, Please remember that while we all like a drink we do not tolerate any drunken or intimidating behaviour.

Do you supply towels ?

Yes we have a towel service with a £10 deposit and a £2 charge for a towel. This service will allow you to exchange a wet towel for a dry one as many times as you require during your visit

Are there changing rooms ?

There is ample space in the toilets, the ladies having seats and large mirrors. You can also use one of the rooms, if there is one free.

Have you got any lockers for my things ?

We have a large number of lockers suitable for storing small items or clothes. There is a refundable £10 deposit but no charge for this service.

Can I take pictures ?

Due to the nature of Eureka we do not allow any photography within our grounds without the permission of the management.

Can I use my mobile ?

During the day you can use mobile equipment anywhere on site but in the evenings, during events, we ask that you keep all electronic devices outside the clubs house.

If I don’t feel comfortable about something what should I do ?

If a situation arises that you are unsure or unhappy about please come to the counter and speak to our staff

I am a single male, can I attend your club ?

Yes, all of our events are open to single males, however we do not allow groups of singles to attend our club.

Do you have lots of other rules ?

We are a club for over 18’s and we try to treat people as adults, however, for everybody’s safety we do have to have a few rules. Our main rules, in addition to those above, are : No drinks on the dance floor, no climbing on the seating and please shower before using any of the spa facilities.